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May15-16, 2021 NER Granite State Regional NERRC #2 & CRE @ Thompson

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Not only a Regional Race Weekend, the Granite State Regional offers a CRE (Club Racing Experience) which gives those without a racing license a chance to compete and earn their Novice Permit.

What is a CRE?

It's wheel-to-wheel racing in a low pressure environment.

Why should you attend?

We use "brackets" in classing cars so your car has a great chance of being competitive.

Do I need a SCCA Competition License?

No! You will receive instruction before you hit the track and your progress will be closely monitored.

Can I earn a SCCA Novice Permit by participating in a CRE?

Yes. Once you earn 3-hours of track time and log your hours in a "SCCA Track Participation Logbook."

“Even though it uses part of the oval, it really doesn't have a real straight. But it has a fantastic number of places to pass. Definitely one of my Top 5 tracks. ” David Oliveira

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