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Here is a Q&A on some general topics

  • Why should I rent instead of own?
    There are a lot of good reasons to own your own race car. But renting offers advantages as well: * You do not have to own or otherwise operate a tow vehicle and trailer. * You save time - no towing to/from the track or loading/unloading * The cars are well-sorted. All our B-Spec MINIs are podium capable. You do not have to spend time and effort developing a nationally competitive car * Crew is included - leaves you free to socialize
  • How much does a rental cost?
    Unfortunately there is not a simple answer. Rental costs are based on the amount of track time at around $1,000/hour. So 3 days events like a Super Tour are obviously more than 2 days events. And for 2 day events Majors races are typically a little more than regionals (since the races are longer). In addition there are often transport costs to get the car to and from the track. So distance from where the race trailer is before the race weekend can have an impact on cost. Sometimes we are already planning to be at a track (we race too, not just rent), and if we have space in the trailer we may waive the transport costs. Finally a few of our cars are more expensive to build, therefore more expensive to rent. A good rule of thumb is bewteen $1,500 and $3,750 for a weekend.
  • What is included in that cost?
    This is a complete arrive and drive price. It includes: * Tires * Gas * Crew In B-Spec we run a Spec tire for Majors and Super Tour races. The spec Hankook has shown to be both durable and keeps pace no matter its number of heat cycles. Of course if you want stickers, they are available at an extra cost ($1,000/set).
  • How do you handle damage?
    The renter is responsible for damage to the car while on track. A damage deposit is required. It is typically 1/3 of the value of the car (they range from $12,500-17,500).
  • What about contingencies?
    There are multiple contingencies in B-Spec. The driver is free to submit and keep any and all contingencies he earns while driving our car. We run Hankook Tires, Carbotech Brakes and Summit Racing parts and each provide product and vouchers. In addition Mini USA offers a cash contingency. Finally, for certain races like the Runoffs there are other companies that provide support.
  • How do book a rental?
    Fill out the request page and we will get back to you to discuss details. We will then send you a contract, which needs to be signed and returned along with a non-refundable deposit. The deposit is $500 for races we are already attending and an additional $1/mile for races where we are traveling to support your special request (ie weekends we had planned to stay home).
  • How does a weekend work?
    A typical event weekend involves us getting to the track before you unloading and setting up. We often camp at the track to minimize the travel time to and from a hotel, so if you wish to join us in a camper, let us know (post COVID of course). You are responsible to register yourself for the event and when you arrrive check in there first and then come find our paddock (we will text you a map). We will provide you the logbook (all cars are annual teched) and then you take your equipment for inspection. As far as food goes there is typically coffee, water and drinks and snacks available. We also often grille burgers and brats. It varies every weekend depending on track facilities and size of the weekend (ie how many rentals) so be sure to ask for details.
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