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Grass Paddock chooses G-LOC™ Brakes

Ann Arbor MI and Mooseup CT, May 25, 2021 -- Grass Paddock Motorsports (GPM), the leader in Arrive and Drive B-Spec Race Rentals, announces a multi-year partnership with G-LOC™ Brakes.

In a class where tenths of a second can mean the difference between a podium or a mid-pack finish, braking performance is a key component that contributes to a racer’s result. GPM has chosen G-LOC™ for their entire fleet of B-Spec Mini Coopers because the wide range of friction material formulations provides the highest performance over all operating conditions. Team principal Frank Schwartz commented “This gives us the opportunity to tune a vehicle’s braking profile to more closely match the preference of each individual racer who competes in one of our cars. Perhaps a driver likes to trail brake and wishes for less initial grab BUT with still needs high and consistent torque, we are now able to adjust the car to their desires with the R-12 compound on the front. Or perhaps the extremely aggressive initial bite of the R-16 compound instills additional confidence, and we know drivers who have more confidence in their cars are faster”.

G-LOC Brakes™ was created by racers with the sole intention of providing the highest level of performance friction materials and truly outstanding customer service in the market. This has resulted in a proprietary Carbon, Ceramic, Kevlar, and Metallic compound formulation that is easier on discs and rotors than competitors who tend to use carbon and iron in their compounds. Team principal David Oliveira noted “When you rent cars to a wide range of drivers you notice a significant difference in their braking application. Some drivers are harder on the brakes than others, and this results in increased replacement of rotors. G-LOC Brakes™ provide us with increased longevity of the braking system because if your car needs new rotors after only 5 weekends, those costs have to be passed on to the renters.”

Schwartz continued “GPM is happy to have G-LOC Brakes™ on board our Road to Indy. 60 cars are expected at this year’s SCCA National Runoffs™ championship event, and we will field a fleet of 8 cars with drivers from all over the country and Puerto Rico. Each car will be outfitted with G-LOC brakes front and rear and the G-LOC logo front and center.” The 2021 Runoffs™ B-Spec National Championship race is scheduled for Friday October 1st, 2021 at 4:15pm EST and will be re-broadcast on CBS Sports at a later date. Further details and updates about the SCCA, and the Runoffs™ can be found here To inquire about joining the Grass Paddock Motorsports family and renting a podium capable car, visit

About Grass Paddock Motorsports

With the tag line of “Go Fast, Have Fun and Make New Friends” Grass Paddock Motorsports is centered on helping people create and experience their race car dreams. Grass Paddock Motorsports grew out of the collaboration between Frank Schwartz, who has over 40 years in motorsports, and David Oliveira, who came to the sport more recently but with a ton of performance vehicle mechanical expertise. Schwartz started renting race cars in the 90s at Waterford Hills in Michigan. After taking some years off for family, he returned to full time racing in 2017 and in 2018 he purchased his first Mini Cooper and made the transition to B-Spec, where he also took over the strategy and marketing for the class. Under his guidance, B-Spec is now the fastest growing class of racing in the country. Oliveira has been in B-Spec longer than Schwartz, starting in 2016 after moving on from track day events (he did one of the first Track Night in Americas) and gaining his competition license. Frank and David met at the 2019 Pittsburgh Super Tour and David was hired to build a second car for Frank, which later sat on the pole at the Runoffs. Throughout the remainder of 2019 and 2020, the team paddocked together and in 2021 decided to bring their separate and independent businesses together under a “common canopy” in the grass paddock, just like at the track.

Contact: Frank Schwartz Company: Grass Paddock Motorsports Tel: (248) 320-0828 Email:

Facebook: GrassPaddockMotorsports

Twitter: @TheSupplierGuy

Instagram: frank24schwartz

About G-LOC Brakes™

Chris and Danny Puskar set out to build a brake pad company in 2003 and after many years working together in a partnership with an investment group out of Florida they struck out on their own in 2016. G-LOC™ was formed with 50+ years of performance braking experience and a great recipe of industry experience, thirst for innovation, commitment to the customer, and a business partnership that allows these talented brothers to do what they do best. G-LOC™ Brakes values include offering the highest in performance friction materials along with a tremendously improved customer service model for each of our dealers and customers. They are committed to continuously pushing the performance envelope in the friction industry by ensuring Research & Development will be at the forefront from day one. From their rigorous investments in R&D to implementing new advanced friction technology into all their compounds, continuous improvement is a job that never ends. Great compounds are not engineered overnight – G-LOC™ has already begun the journey.

Contact: Danny Puskar/President

Company: G-LOC Brakes

503 Performance Road

Mooresville, NC 28115

Made in the USA

Toll Free: 1-844-9-BRAKES (844-927-2537)

Fax: 704-765-0329

Facebook: G-LOC Brakes

Twitter: @GLOCbrakes

Instagram: GLOC_brakes

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