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May15-16, 2021 SCCA Spring Festival of Speed Regional & CRE @ GingerMan

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Not only a Regional Race Weekend, the Spring Festival of Speed features TWO 1 hour Enduros under the Club Racing Experience banner. From the South Bend SCCA email What is a CRE?

It's wheel-to-wheel racing in a low pressure environment.

Why should you attend?

1. It is a chance to get over 2-hours of track time in one day.

2. You can share your car with a buddy or drive on your own.

3. We use "brackets" in classing cars so your car has a great chance of being competitive.

Do I need a SCCA Competition License?

No! You will receive instruction before you hit the track and your progress will be closely monitored.

Can I earn a SCCA Novice Permit by participating in a CRE?

Yes. Once you earn 3-hours of track time and log your hours in a "SCCA Track Participation Logbook." You can earn up to 2.25 hours of track time on Sunday, May 16th. You can earn another 60-minutes if you participate in the SCCA Track Night in America (TNiA) event on Thursday, May 13th.

“A very technical track, where your eyes will have you early apex every corner. Luckily it is one of the safest tracks on the calendar with plenty of runoffs and nothing to hit.” Grass Paddock Motorsports

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